From REST to Database

There are frequently questions about how to get the results of a REST query (JSON) into a database table. This can of course be done manually, by using the „while not EOF do“ approach, but there are actually components in Delphi that make this job relatively easy and flexible.

So I created a video, demonstrating how to take the JSON response of a REST request and insert it into a database table.

I am using TFDMemTable, TFDQuery, and TFDBatchmove to move the data from the original TRESTResponse into an SQLite table – just by using FireDAC components.

Source code is available on BitBucket.

CData: Connecting to WordPress from Delphi

In this episode of my „Delphi Quick Thoughts“ series, I am demonstrating how to connect to a WordPress site from Delphi. I am using CData’s WordPress Enterprise connector for that.

CData has more than one hundred „Enterprise Connectors“ that connect to almost every data source, that you can imagine: SAP, Twillio, WordPress, ActiveDirectory, SalesForce – just to name a few. These Connectors are implemented as FireDAC drivers. In other words, you can talk to all of these data sources by using SQL Queries and/or Stored Procedures, you don’t have to learn new syntaxes and components but just check the available schema and methods.

For WordPress, for example, check the docs here:

You can download the sources that I used in the video here.
Note: I left the app id and secret in the sources for your references but changed them on my server, so the app won’t be able to connect to my server anymore. You will need your own WordPress instance that is.

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