Workaround: TActionManager broken in Delphi 10.3.3

UPDATE 2019-12-16: Official patch available.

Unfortunately, the long-awaited Delphi 10.3.3 release also brought a few new issues. One of them is that TActionManager is broken in a way, that prevents projects, using it, from compiling.

Because of some scope issue, the IDE keeps adding a unit named „IDETheme.ActnCtrls.pas“ to any form unit, that contains a TActionManager, once you save that form unit. „IDETheme.ActnCtrls“ is invalid, does not exist, thus the whole project will not compile anymore.

Fortunately, until EMBT releases a hotfix, there is a relatively easy workaround:

  • Add „VCL.ActnCtrls“ to any affected form unit
  • Create and add a completely empty unit to your project and name that unit „IDETheme.ActnCtrls.pas“
  • Compile

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